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Wynn Miller                     Martin Herbst

Wynn's first camera / with his dad 1956.               Martin started his career
                                                                                          in Detmold, Germany

Wynn Miller


From his early days as a photojournalist through his current involvement with WMP Inc., there is very little Wynn hasn't shot. His state of the art advertising work has been gracing magazine pages and winning awards for over two decades. He currently has put together a traveling show of some of his mid seventies work of the early days of southern California skateboarding. The show has exhibited in Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, New York and is on the way to Paris. His clients have included, Apple, Avia, Max Factor, Physicians Formula, Avery, Yamaha and L.A. Gear.

Martin Herbst


Martin discovered photography as a teenager in the German boarding school “Castle Varenholz”. Deeply impressed by the magic of the darkroom process, he joined a photography workshop and began his education. After business school, having decided to make photography his profession, Martin started his association with Europe’s biggest photo studio, “Vogelsänger Studios “. With his mentor, Rolf Nackenhorst, Martin photographed food, people, interiors, car, travel assignments and multimedia shows. Two years later “Vogelsänger Video Production” was founded and Martin worked on image and industrial films, and TV commercials. The variety of assignments was a challenge and major influence on his photographic foundation
Martin has lived in Los Angeles , California for over a decade. With Wynn Miller at WMP Inc., he creates imagery for a wide variety of clients.